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meet Candice

I can easily be described by the things that I love. I love Jesus, my family and being creative. Those are the things that make me happy and fill my days. (oh, and coffee - lots and lots of coffee)


Photography came into my life shortly after my baby girl was born. I left my wonderful job as a first grade teacher to stay home with our sweet girl. I bought my first "good camera" to capture every moment that comes along with being a new parent. Soon after, I had taken over 20,000 pictures and I didn't quite realize the extent of my obsession until my computer crashed from overload. It was then that I realized that taking pictures was not just a hobby - it gave me joy and I knew I couldn't stop.


The whole creative process of visioning, planning and creating fun photoshoots is what heaven + honey is all about. Capturing images that freeze moments in our lives and fill our homes with memories is why I do what I do. I would love to spend time with you and your family, and have a fun time creating something special.

xoxo Candice
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